Weapons Possession Policy

The unapproved possession, use, or sale of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, major or minor explosives, or any lethal weapon is forbidden and subject to university discipline as well as to criminal sanctions. University guidelines for Firearms in University Property, as outlined by Senate Bill 11 of the Texas Legislature and State Federal Law are provided in the SRSU Policy ID: AMP 2.33, and included in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. All university athletic properties and the Sul Ross Childcare Center are posted as areas that prohibit firearms on the premises as defined in the Texas Government Code Sec. 411.2031.

Prohibition on Weapons

It is a violation of the Texas State University System Board of Regents Rules and Regulations to possess, carry or otherwise cause a handgun, licensed or otherwise, concealed or otherwise, to be brought onto the premises of a system component. Sul Ross State University is a component of the Texas State University System.

"Premises of a System component" as used in this section means a structure and the land, including, appurtenances, on which the structure is situated, over which this board has ownership or control, including system component campuses, the system administration, leased facilities or other facilities where a system or component function, event, or activity takes or is taking place.

This prohibition shall not apply to academic programs or to events sponsored or approved by Sul Ross State University in which the university explicitly authorizes the use of handguns.