Educational Diagnostician/Special Education

EDUCATIONAL DIAGNOSTICIAN  The Master of Education with a Specialization in Educational Diagnostician program at Sul Ross State University requires 30 semester hours in educaiton courses designed to enable the student to meet the needs of students with diabilities, pyschoeducational and diagnostic assessment, and resource areas.  The courses are intended to provide the student with an in-depth, hands-on, practical approach to assessment and evalution.  This rigourous and comprhensive course fo study is intended to prepare students for a fulfilling career as an educaitonal diagnostician.  Students need a mimimum of three years teaching experience and a valid Texas teaching certificate.

SPECIAL EDUCATION Special Education certification at SUl Ross State University is offered only as a supplemental certificate to an existing teaching certificate.  Courses are graduate level and require admission to the Graduate Program.  Supplemental certification in special educaiton requires 30 semester hours.  The student will pursue a General Master of Educaiton Degree. The student will be required to complete 12 semester hours of core courses and then 18 hours of special educaiton classes. The student will be required to take the appropriate TExES certificaiton exam upon successful completion of the program.

Contact: Mr. Lee Renfroe (432) 837-8227