Hardware Standards

Desktop Support Guidelines

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides varying levels of desktop computer support for faculty, staff, students, and retired employees actively engaged in University business. Basic support includes phone and email-based assistance for routine technical problems and questions. More comprehensive support is available to departments for University-owned computers. The following principles define the general framework of this support.

  • OIT will support hardware for a reasonable life expectancy. The computer industry generally recognizes three to four years as the typical lifespan of a desktop computer. Computers older than this tend to be more difficult to support and are often inadequate to run current software.
  • OIT will support software for a reasonable life expectancy, so long as said software is still supported by the vendor/publisher. Older software is problematic in terms of compatibility with newer hardware and software.
  • OIT will provide a “best faith effort” in supporting computer hardware, peripheral hardware and software that has reached the vendors end of life cycle but cannot provide ongoing support for those systems.
  • It is not possible for OIT to support all types of hardware and software. To ensure that new peripheral equipment, computer hardware and software fall within the scope of OIT support, departments must consult with OIT prior to acquisition. Please direct all requests for approval to techapproval@sulross.edu
  • OIT-supported computers must be protected by anti-virus software installed and configured to OIT specifications. Users with unprotected computers are subject to delayed service.
  • OIT does not backup data stored on local disk drives of desktop computers.  OIT recommends the use of Office 365 (Sharepoint sites and OneDrive) for storing data.
  • While OIT may provide some software at no direct cost to departments, each department is ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable software licenses.