Graduate Jobs



Major Job Title Posting
Colorado State University Extension Completed Bachelors Degree 4-HYouth Development & Family & Consumer Science 08/09/2019
TxDot Bachelors in an Engineering related discipline Transportation Engineer Supervisor II or III 08/80/2019
Tompkins Cortland Community College Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Director of Enrollment Operations and Auxiliary Services 08/08/2019
Tompkins Cortland Community College Bachelor's Degree in a related field Communications Associate 08/08/2019
Colorado State University Finance, Accounting, Business Business Manager 07/29/2019
Colorado State University Agriculture, Education or closely related field 4-H Youth Development/Family 07/29/2019
Texas Dep. Of Licensing & Regulation Administration-Management Executive Assistant III 07/26/2019
Office of public Insurance Councel Accountant or related Accountant II 07/26/2019

Pecos-Barstow-Toya ISD


Tompkins Cortland


Colorado State University

Bachelors in Education


Bachelor's Degree


Masters Degree

Elementary-Kindergarder-Special Ed Teachers


Instructional Technology Associate


4-H Agriculture Agent






Texas A&M University Kingsville Master's Degree Director of Career Services 06/04/2019
Tompkins Cortland Master's Degree in Nursing Assistant Professor of Nursing 05/16/2019
Colorado State University Bachelors Degree Area Extension Agent 05/14/2019
Marfa Public Radio Management, or Related field Development Director 05/09/2019

Colorado State University

Master's Degree 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent 05/03/2019