Masters in Education - Reading Specialist

Certification as a Reading Specialist requires a 36-hour Master’s degree and 2 years teaching experience.  The degree plan and certification requires a valid teaching certificate.  To be certified as a Reading Specialist, students must take and pass the Reading Specialist certification exam.  The course requirements are listed below

Core Requirements (15 hours)

            EDUC  5301     Research Methodology

            EDUC  5316     The Multicultural Learner

            EDUC  5319     School Law

            EDUC  6308     Advanced Human Growth and Development

            EDUC  6315     Curriculum Theory and Development


Reading Component (18 hours)

            EDUC  5308     Elementary Reading

            EDUC  6311     Advanced Studies in Early Childhood Language Acquisition Development

            EDUC  6313     Reading in the Content Area

            EDUC  6314     Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Disabilities

            EDUC  6317     Organization and Supervision of reading Programs

            EDUC  7312     Practicum in Reading


Electives (3 hours)

Three (3) semester hours of any graduate level Education Courses.