Spanish Program

A major or minor in Spanish can prepare a student for a career as a teacher, law enforcement officer, translator, interpreter, social worker, public relations officer, sales representative, or manager with a large number of businesses which are seeking bilingual employees.

The demand for college graduates with bilingual skills is steadily increasing. In addition, a strong background in Spanish can complement any field of study. Spanish majors must take the Spanish assessment examination during the last semester before graduation. The completion of the Spanish major will also prepare a student for graduate studies in Spanish or linguistics.

Bachelor of Arts - Spanish

Courses Hours
General Education  
English 1301,1302 6 sch
English Literature 3 sch
Additional English 3 sch
U.S. History - HIST 1301,1302 6 sch
U.S. Government - GOVT 2301,2302 6 sch
Mathematics - MATH 1314 (College Algebra or Higher) 3 sch
Speech, Communications 3 sch
Fine Arts - Music, Theater 6 sch
Social Science - Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, Sociology 3 sch
Laboratory Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology 6-8 sch
Foriegn Language (no conversational courses) 6-8 sch
Multicultural Course - HST 3302,HST 3308,HST 3313 or SPN 3320 3 sch
Physical Education 2 sch
TOTAL 60 sch
Major: Required 18 Advanced Hours 30 sch
Minor: Choose from Biology, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, English History, Mathematics, Psychology. Required 9 Advanced Hours 18 sch
Electives 6 sch
Total Hours 120 sch

Additional Requirements: 1. Minimum of 120 sch for degree 2. Minimum of 30 sch in residence 3. Minimum of 39 sch advanced

Teacher Certification for Spanish Major

Listed are the required courses needed for teacher certification. The courses can be used to complete the 120 sch degree in Spanish. Contact the Education Department for admissions into the teacher education program.

  • EDUC 3300
  • EDUC 3302
  • EDUC 3305
  • ENGL 3312
  • EDUC 4306
  • EDUC 4312
  • EDUC 4314
  • HST 3313
  • Computer Literacy Course