English Program

The Bachelor of Arts degree in English prepares students for a world demanding effective communication and critical thinking skills. The English major is an ideal pre-professional major for careers in law, medicine, journalism, or business.  Because our world economy is increasingly more complex with greater workplace challenges and dynamism, employers at all levels are hiring English majors for their communication skills and problem-solving creativity.  English majors also may pursue teaching careers in language arts at the elementary, middle, or high school level, or they may continue with graduate studies for college teaching.  Students seeking teacher certification in this major should refer to the Education Department section of this catalog for program admission requirements, required courses, and course descriptions.

Bachelor of Arts - English

Courses Hours
General Education  
English 1301, 1302 6 sch
English Literature 3 sch
Additional English 3 sch
U.S. History - HIST 1301, 1302 6 sch
U.S. Government - GOVT 2301, 2302 6 sch
Mathematics - MATH 1314 (College Algebra or higher) 3 sch
Speech, Communications 3 sch
Fine Arts - Music, Theater 6 sch
Social Science - Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, Sociology 3 sch
Laboratory Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology 6-8 sch
Foreign Language (no conversational courses) 6-8 sch
Multicultural Course - HST 3302, HST 3308, HST 3313 or SPN 3320 3 sch
Physical Education 2 sch
Total 56-60 sch
Major: Required 18 Advanced Hours 30 sch
Minor: Choose from Biology, Criminal Justice, History, Mathematics, Psychology, Spanish- Required 9 Advanced Hours 18 sch
Electives 12-16 sch
Total Hours 120 sch

Additional Requirements: 1. Minimum of 120 sch for degree 2. Minimum of 33 sch in residence 3. Minimum of 39 sch advanced

Teacher Certification for English Major

Listed are the required courses needed for teacher certification. The courses can be used to complete the 120 sch degree in English. Contact the Education Department for admissions into the teacher education program.

  • EDUC 3300
  • EDUC 3302
  • EDUC 3305
  • EDUC 4312
  • EDUC 4314
  • EDUC 4605
  • ENGL 3312
  • HST 3313
  • Computer Literacy Course