RGC Administration

Dr. Verónica Méndez Maqueo serves RGC as Assistant Provost and Dean. She is the chief academic officer of Rio Grande College and is responsible for all academic programs. Rio Grande College has four departments: Business Administration, Teacher Education, Humanities, Natural and Behavioral Sciences, each headed by a chair.

The academic chairs are Dr. Monica Gutierrez, Education; Dr. Jorge Hernandez, Humanities; Dr. Thomas Matula, Business Administration; and Dr. Patricia Nicosia, Natural and Behavioral Sciences. There are 27 faculty members.

The other administrative officers include Dr. Claudia Wright, Director of Admissions, Records, and Student Affairs; Delia Ramirez, Director of Business Operations; Chelsea Ramirez, Assistant Director of Financial Aid; and Laura Nelson, Director of Public and Media Relations and Outreach.


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