Schedule Builder

Start with Details:
1.        Log-in to Self-Service Banner.
2.        Click on “Student” tab.
3.        Click on “Schedule Builder.”
4.      Select appropriate term (i.e. Spring 2012).
       5.      With the drop-down list next to “Campus,” change campus options to select Alpine only (not RGC). Click “Save and Close.”
       6.      Click “Add Course.”  
  1.  Select a subject and course from the drop-down lists. Click “Add Course.”
  1.  Repeat #7 until all requested courses are on the list.
  2. Note that labs do not have to be added separately. The system will configure lab options with the course.

     10.    Click “Add Break.”

  1.  Name the break and select it’s required times and days of the week (i.e. football practice, work, etc. that will negate a class as an option). Click “Save Break.”
  1.  Repeat #10 and #11 as necessary until all breaks are listed.


See Optional Schedules:
  1. Click within the squares next to the courses and breaks that will be requested by the student for this semester. If all will apply, clicking in the square within the red line above will select all.
  1. Under “Schedules,” click “Generate Schedules.”
  1. If “There are no schedules available…” appears, the student must adjust either his/her requested courses or his/her requested breaks. Do so by un-checking some of the options and re-clicking “Generate Schedules.” If necessary, add additional courses as per #7 above. 
 16.   Click on the blue linked “View” to see each potential schedule that the system has generated. 
 17.   Notice that the options always begin with the first week of the semester, which may or may not be a full week, so advancing to a future week will give the student a better idea of the schedule. This can be done within the peach colored rectangle of the schedule labeled “Displaying Week.” You can pick another week through the drop-down list or by clicking on one of the week #s in the red bar.
Locking In a Course:
  1. While viewing a schedule, if a specific course is a perfect fit, the student can “lock” it down and still view different arrangements of the other courses. This can be done by scrolling down to the planner layout of the schedule where each day of the week and time of day is listed similar to a planner. The classes will be shown within their appropriate slots within this view. To “lock” a class, simply click on the lock diagram within that class block. The lock will now be shown as closed, showing that it has been locked. Closing the schedule will return you to the view of other options. You should notice that the course has been locked at the top, while the others remain open. Click “Generate Schedules” again, to ensure that the remaining optional schedules are reduced to only show those with that locked course.
  1. Continue reviewing schedules and locking and re-generating as needed.
  1. Once you have found the appropriate schedule to use, you can either print it out “Print Page” (at top of screen) or click “Registration Instructions” to see the specific CRN #s for the courses in the schedule that you chose. Under “Registration Instructions,” you can click the link to Banner Self-Service, without closing the current window. Self-Service will open in a new window so that you can refer back for CRN#s to register.