Evisions and Touchnet




FormFusion is software from Evisions that allows users to take Banner’s basic output and create drastically improved graphical layout and design for documents such as Purchase Orders, Grade Mailers, Transcripts, Student Bills, Invoices, Tax Forms, Letter Generation, and more!Users can rearrange data, add images, change the layout, formatting, color and fonts, as well as add information not included in the standard output file. FormFusion converts standard application output into more attractive, functional and efficient electronic documents, and then intelligently distributes them over a variety of delivery channels including print, email, web or imaging integration.

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Argos is a tool to help the SR personnel access the data they need from the Banner database. Argos produces reports based on requests for information made from end users around campus. Once a report is created, anyone with appropriate clearance can look up that report information on their own computer, any time they want. Argos effectively meets reporting needs from simple ad hoc queries to advanced dashboards and data cubes.

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IntelleCheck is a laser check printing solution from Evisions that is fully integrated with Banner. IntelleCheck enhances and streamlines output for AP, Payroll, Student Refund checks and Direct Deposit Advices. IntelleCheck utilizes blank secure check stock replacing costly pre-printed check stock and gives you the ability to protect against fraudulent activity with the built in Positive Pay functionality. IntelleCheck can email direct deposit advices to students, vendors and employees as a password protected and encrypted PDF attachment.

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This web-based service provides self-service access to the student account, billing history, and provides automated payment methods using credit cards or electronic payments from your checking accounts.

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